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What is Wurru‑Ki?

Wurru‑Ki is a program that provides all Barwon Health employees, volunteers, contractors, consultants, etc (‘workers’) with a confidential and non-confrontational alternative for seeking to resolve any workplace behavioural concerns they might have in relation to any other worker by engaging with peers who have been appointed as Peer Contact Officers and Peer Resolution Officers.

Literature tells us that many individuals choose not to lodge complaints as they do not necessarily want to participate in a formal process. Rather, they just want the behaviour to stop. The introduction of Wurru‑Ki empowers individuals to achieve such an outcome without the fear and potential consequences of a formal investigation and without the daunting prospect that comes with attempting self-resolution.

The focus of Wurru‑Ki is on agreement being reached on a way forward between individuals. It does not require a decision or judgement as to who was right or wrong, or who is to blame. Resolution of issues can be achieved as early as possible, with the least disruption to working relationships.

Wurru‑Ki adds to, but operates independently of, Barwon Health’s Managing Complaints of Unsatisfactory Performance and Misconduct Guidelines, and accords with a ‘Hierarchy of Control’ conflict resolution model developed by Vanderbilt University. It also fits within the framework of Barwon Health’s Code of Conduct, policies, procedures and enterprise agreements.


Wurru‑Ki Terminologies


Any Barwon Health employee, volunteer, consultant, contractor or any other person directly engaged by Barwon Health.


An Initiator is any worker who accesses Wurru‑Ki because of a concern they have in regards to the workplace behaviour of another worker.


A Respondent is any worker identified by an Initiator as the person responsible for the workplace behaviour which has caused the concern for the Initiator.

Further information

Further information can be obtained by: