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Wurru‑Ki is a confidential process, with the level of confidentiality to be maintained dependent upon which of the three options the Initiator (the person raising concerns under Wurru‑Ki) chooses, to the extent the seriousness of the matter will allow confidentiality to be maintained given Barwon Health’s duty of care and/or legislative reporting responsibilities.

The Initiator will have three options in relation to confidentiality as follows:

Wurru‑Ki Terminologies


Any Barwon Health employee, volunteer, consultant, contractor or any other person directly engaged by Barwon Health.


An Initiator is any worker who accesses Wurru‑Ki because of a concern they have in regards to the workplace behaviour of another worker.


A Respondent is any worker identified by an Initiator as the person responsible for the workplace behaviour which has caused the concern for the Initiator.